We are One State, One City, One Water. This issue of Currents is dedicated to giving Burbank residents the facts and resources to successfully navigate the drought’s challenges.



Burbank and all of California are facing a serious drought.

We’ve weathered droughts before, but this time it’s different. We’re facing a particularly difficult challenge after experiencing the driest year in a century. As conditions worsen, Governor Newsom has declared a statewide drought emergency asking all Californians – residents and businesses – to reduce their water usage by 15%.

The City of Burbank has entered Stage II of the Sustainable Water Use Ordinance requiring modified watering schedules, as illustrated in the table below. By watering your outdoor plants only on Saturday, you are helping conserve when plants need less water and making an immediate impact to save a precious resource.

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of enhanced rebates on select water-saving devices, and participate in BWP’s Home Improvement Program to receive a no-cost water efficiency assessment and water-saving upgrades for homes, apartments, and condos.

Just like we’ve done in past droughts, we know the everyone will come together, support each other and do their part to get through these challenging conditions. Together, we will conserve today to ensure a stronger tomorrow for all of Burbank.

This edition of Currents has several helpful tips on how to reduce indoor and outdoor water consumption.

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