ONEBurbank is a suite of BWP fiber-optic services offered to Burbank businesses looking for exceptionally fast and reliable bandwidth. Visit ONEBurbank at

Shapeshifter is a highly diversified, creative post-production firm with a focus on delivering cutting edge content as well as customized marketing and promotional projects for the entertainment industry. Located in Burbank, Shapeshifter’s editorial talent takes projects from inception to delivery, providing a turnkey solution that includes writing, producing, creative editorial, and finishing services in a relaxed, boutique environment. Shapeshifter’s client list includes some of the biggest names in media, including most studios, networks, and content-streaming platforms.

Gary Migdal, President of Shapeshifter, shares his experience with BWP’s ONEBurbank fiber service:

As a long-time business resident of Burbank’s Media District, I was well-acquainted with ONEBurbank. I had previously relied on its service and was very impressed. Over the past two years, we’ve all been challenged by the wrath of COVID-19. When the lockdown orders took effect, we had no idea if it was just a temporary inconvenience or a permanent adjustment to our business model. When the stay-at-home mandate was first announced, we immediately moved a dozen of our editors to their respective home studios over the weekend. As Monday morning rolled around, every editor was working exclusively from home, without ever missing a beat.

After a year of working remotely, Shapeshifter decided to change its remote workflow configuration to a more robust solution. The goal was to give our editors all the tools and flexibility their projects required at their home studios, with only a minimal amount of local hardware. Once we made that change, we immediately switched to ONEBurbank. We needed substantial bandwidth and an internet service provider who could reliably meet our needs 24/7. Over time, our previous provider had become unreliable in terms of service and support, and when our needs changed from simply surfing the internet and occasionally transferring a digital file to relying on the internet for everything we do, I had to bring in ONEBurbank!

Whenever my engineers have had questions or have needed support, the ONEBurbank team has been there for us 100%. At Shapeshifter, we find ONEBurbank to be a rather flawless internet provider and have yet to experience any service issues. We look forward to using ONEBurbank in the years to come.

We welcome another satisfied ONEBurbank customer! For more information on Shapeshifter, check out

Gary Migdal, President of Shapeshifter

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